jewellery Design 2D 

jewellery design 3D

We create complete jewellery collections drawings, as well as single designs, using traditional techniques, either for jewellery industry or  individual customers who want a one-of-a-kind original item.

    Drawing is an aesthetic language by itself, but at the same time, it´s first step into creation: Every piece of jewellery  begins  with a  clarifying sketch​.

     -All of our 2d designs are original and exclusively made by FCJoyeros

We carry out complete collections projects and also  single design orders served as STL files ready for rapid protptyping processes.

   Building parameters of these files are well adapted to jewel industry requirements such as metal height limitations, stone settings ,etc. This means they are 100% printable.

   Files are served with their correlative render, which helps customers visualize  the final appearance of  a piece of jewellery even before its fabrication process begins.

    - All of our 3d designs are original and exclusively made by FCJoyeros.



We consider that our workshop is the "fundamental pillar" of our company.It is the lab into which ideas become real  precious objects.

  We manufacture, re-style, transform and repair any piece of jewellery we should be required to, applying the appropriate  means,from most antique to most technological ones.



The closing of the ring in FCJoyeros production process is our shop.

  It is the place where we commercialize the collections of our own, and this open to the public space intends to provide a relaxed atmosphere where our customers can express themselves free and confidently whenever they are in need of advise at a luxury item purchase.​